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#Future Colliders

LHC takes on the SMEFT challenge

The quest for new physics at the LHC is entering a new phase: the experiments are designing new strategies to target potential deviations from the Standard Model (SM) predictions in a systematic way, to complement the traditional “bump hunts” and,…

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Cornering right-handed neutrinos

 Right-handed neutrinos: the missing piece of the puzzle? The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is one of the most successful scientific theories ever developed. Together with the theory of General Relativity it can describe most of the…

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Higgs physics at future colliders

In her article, Caterina Vernieri, reviews the potential of proposed future colliders to study the Higgs boson and further explore the electroweak sector beyond the LHC following her presentation on the Higgs 2020 conference. Caterina, is a member…

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