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HEP responds to the global chips crisis

Over the past year, semiconductor prices have been surging in Europe as demand increases globally. While this is happening with most products, it's been a larger problem given the role of semiconductors in most electronics, such as consumer…

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CHIPS: A new EP-ESE service for the HEP community

ASIC technology and designs are becoming increasingly complex but bring potentially huge benefits to HEP experiments (see also previous EP article "A bright future for microelectronics"). Figure 1 summarises the evolution of CMOS technologies in the…

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A bright future for microelectronics at CERN

During the 2018 FCC week in Amsterdam, Michael Campbell (EP-ESE) gave a presentation on the “Present and future of microelectronics”. Following an informative review of ASICs used in the LHC run one systems, he tried to distinguish recent trends in…

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