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LHCb VELO closes fully for the first time

At the end of October, the two halves of the new Vertex Locator (VELO) approached the LHC proton-proton collision point in a process referred to as VELO closing - following the installation of the upgraded detector.  Replacing the previous VErtex…

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LHCb VELO: “One down, one to go”

As the LHC marks the start of the final countdown to Run 3, the LHCb experiment is preparing to commission its new detector. The upgrade will allow the collaboration to pursue its physics programme into the High Luminosity era. LHCb aims to fully…

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A new VELO for the LHCb experiment

The VELO is stacking up milestones as it races to complete installation before the Run 3 startup. The previous VErtex LOcator (VELO) is being completely replaced during Long Shutdown 2 as part of a major upgrade programme to allow the experiment to…

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