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Higgs boson anniversary

Higgs Boson Physics - The View Ahead

The observation of electroweak symmetry breaking in nature implies the existence of Goldstone bosons that provide the longitudinal components of the massive W and Z gauge bosons. A priori, one could have imagined a plethora of possible dynamical…

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Exploring the Higgs: A Personal Retrospective

When I started my career as a theoretical physicist in the early 1980’s, the Higgs boson was not yet a topic of major theoretical interest.  There was a long gap between the time when the Brout- Englert-Higgs mechanism was proposed and when people…

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The long hunt for the Higgs boson

An essay about the Higgs boson ten years after its discovery? Already ten years? This unique adventure has left indelible memories to the thousands of people who have been instrumental in giving birth to this wonderful discovery. There have been…

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