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Physics Beyond Colliders

New prospects for the Physics Beyond Colliders programme

Particle physics is often equated with high energy collider experiments. However, over recent years it has become increasingly clear that high intensity and high precision experiments offer significant, complementary opportunities to explore physics…

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MUonE experiment gears up to chase whiff of new physics

A new proposed project, MUonE, was described on the EP Newsletter few months ago [2].  It is an experiment aiming at helping in understanding the long-standing discrepancy between the experimental value and the Standard Model (SM) prediction of the…

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Exploring the Lifetime Frontier at the LHC and Beyond

By any reasonable measure, the first ten years of the LHC have been an unmitigated success.  But are we exploring everywhere in our data?  The overwhelming majority of the searches for particles beyond the Standard Model (BSM) conducted at ATLAS and…

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