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Detector Technologies

Setting a roadmap for R&D on Detector Technologies

Research is a global game, yet to be successful requires coordination at regional, national and international level. The success of the LHC programme highlights the role of open-door policies and diverse bottom-up community initiatives in…

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Proto-DUNE at CERN: New technologies for new discoveries

Following many years of R&D work, recent results from ProtoDUNE-SP, the single-phase DUNE Far Detector prototype at the CERN Neutrino Platform, now validate the Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) technology choice for DUNE providing…

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Using 3D printing techniques for future neutrino detectors

Plastic scintillator is one of the most used active materials in high-energy physics. A charged particle crossing a plastic scintillator loses part of its initial energy and produces a quantity of scintillation light that depends on its energy and…

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The ALICE ITS upgrade: Pixels for quarks

Introduction ALICE, the heavy-ion dedicated experiment at the LHC, will soon have enhanced physics capabilities with a major upgrade of the detectors, data-taking and data-processing systems which will improve the precision of the extracted…

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DT group: A year in review

In the beginning of June, the EP-DT group has published its Annual Report summarizing its yearly activities and offering an overview of major achievements and future collaborative plans. The Detector Technologies (DT) group comprises expertise in…

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Physics from neutrino near detectors: opening a new window for BSM searches

With the advent of a new generation of neutrino experiments which leverage high-intensity neutrino beams for precision measurements, it is timely to explore the opportunity that these experiments offer for searches of beyond the standard model (BSM…

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