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Non-resonant searches open new avenues in the hunt for axion-like particles

Axion-like-particles (ALPs) are a vast family of hypothetical particles. They are among the most compelling candidates for physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), because their existence is associated to broken symmetries, which are ubiquitous in…

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Hunting for axion-like particles at neutrino detectors

Although neutrinos were discovered more than 60 years ago, they are the most mysterious particles in the Standard Model (SM). While the present data collected at the neutrino experiments can explain several neutrino properties, there are still at…

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Closing the gap between beam dump and colliders ALPs searches with NA64

The axion was postulated to provide a solution to the "strong CP" problem. This pseudo-scalar particle emerges as a consequence of the breaking of the Peccei-Quinn (PQ) symmetry [1,2,3] (link to EP article on Axions). Typically, models of QCD axions…

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