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Geant4: a modern and versatile toolkit for detector simulations

Like a good, lifelong friend who is accompanying you through all phases of life, the Geant4 detector simulation toolkit is widely used in particle physics experiments from their conception to their design, during construction and data taking, for…

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The FELIX Project

If you are working on one of the ATLAS, DUNE or NA62 experiments you have surely participated to meetings in which people referred to “FELIX”, as if it were a widely-known brand. You probably guessed, after some time, that they were not referring to…

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Google Summer of Code brings Students to HEP Software Projects

Google Summer of Code is a programme that brings together students wanting to code for Open Source software projects and mentors who can introduce them to exciting projects and the full software development cycle. As a major supporter of Open Source…

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Tips for a better virtual experience

A year ago, as the first reports of COVID-19 infections started to reach us from China, it was almost certain that none of us really foresaw the impact that the pandemic would have on our lives and on high-energy physics as a field in 2020. As…

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