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Inner Tracking System

ALICE Inner Tracking System is ready for data taking

The new Inner Tracking System (ITS) of the ALICE detector was installed inside the Time Projection Chamber (TPC) in spring 2021. The new ITS consists of 7 layers of monolithic pixel sensors, named ALPIDE, tiled up on linear staves of different…

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ALICE ITS3 clears major milestone

With the R&D for the first truly cylindrical detectors based on ultra-thin, bent, wafer-scale monolithic silicon sensors, the ALICE collaboration aims at installing new vertex layers (“ITS3”) in LHC Long Shutdown 3. The envisioned setup…

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The commissioning and installation of the new ALICE ITS

The Inner Tracking System (ITS) is the innermost detector of the ALICE central barrel. It consists of seven cylindrical layers all equipped with Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) named ALPIDE (ALice PIxel DEtector). The ITS allows track ing…

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The ALICE ITS upgrade: Pixels for quarks

Introduction ALICE, the heavy-ion dedicated experiment at the LHC, will soon have enhanced physics capabilities with a major upgrade of the detectors, data-taking and data-processing systems which will improve the precision of the extracted…

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